How do you play an old game in a new way?
Often our most sat­is­fy­ing inter­ac­tions with tech­nol­ogy come nat­u­rally, like pinch­ing to zoom on a iPhone or using a Wii con­sole. How else can we use our exist­ing inter­ac­tions with objects in new and unex­pected ways, and sur­prise and delight the user while doing so.

Musi­cal Foos­ball
The musi­cal foos­ball table allows users to make music while play­ing foos­ball or vice versa. The win­ner needs to cre­ate some­thing that sounds good as well as score the most goals. This is a con­cept for a dig­i­tal ver­sion, the music is con­trolled by accelero­mot­ers and motion sen­sors in each bar. Tone would be con­trolled by the rota­tion of each han­dle and pitch by the for­ward and back­ward move­ment. I have also cre­ated a lo-tech ver­sion with per­cus­sion instru­ments attached to the table itself.

Musical Foosball